New words 16 May 2016

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skyrunning noun the sport of running at 2k metres or more above sea level

Icicle, a company based in Chamonix, has launched skyrunning weeks with guided runs of 15-20km a day and coaching, for runners capable of half marathons.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 23 January 2016]

packrafting noun the sport of hiking and rafting, using an inflatable raft that you carry on your back

I carried mine here on my back, to try out the growing sport of packrafting – trekking into the wilderness with a small, stowable rubber craft in your rucksack.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 16 January 2016]

snow diving noun the activity of jumping into snow, dressed in swimwear and endeavouring to ‘swim’ through the snow

Bizarre trend of SNOW DIVING in just a swimsuit sweeps the nation after storm Jonas leaves parts of the East Coast with forty inches of white fluff

[ 25 January 2016]

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  2. Latisha madhok

    Here is another new word: Extrelimy- meaning something that is really slimy. Synonyms- slimy, greasy etc.

  3. Latisha madhok

    This website is rubbish. Even I know what all these words mean. I even know what the future words would be. I wrote one above.

  4. Tatiana Balandina

    I can’t agree with the previous comment. I understand what these words mean but it’s interesting to know that these words are included in the dictionary.

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