New words – 25 April 2016

bio-bandingbio-banding noun in sport, grouping children according to their physical maturity rather than their age

‘When we’re grouping children for sports, we do it by age groups, but the problem is that, within those age groups, we get huge variations in biological age,’ said Dr Sean Cumming, senior lecturer at the University of Bath’s department for health, which is helping Premiership rugby union side Bath conduct a six-month study evaluating bio-banding.

[ 19 December 2015]

rashie noun a type of clothing for the upper body, designed to be worn in water and to protect from sunburn and abrasions

An Australian brand has come up with a Christmas jumper rashie for surfing/sun protection.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 28 November 2015]

biotech tattoo noun a wearable device for monitoring the heart rate, etc. that mimics a tattoo in appearance, being largely flat, with an aesthetic design

How biotech tattoos will turn you into a quantifiable canvas

[ 04 December 2015]

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  1. Emel

    I suggest “cupboard-surfing” to describe (mostly) teenagers who systematically open all the cupboards and fridge in the kitchen in an attempt to locate something they fancy to eat! I’m not the only one who has youngsters who engage in this activity.

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