New words – 18 April 2016

dude-fussingdude-fussing noun informal, humorous inefficient, unfocussed actions, designed to give the illusion of useful activity

Are you familiar with dude-fussing? It’s when you go camping and someone feels a primal need to poke at the fire every 30 seconds.

[ 03 November 2015]

gender tax noun a term used to refer to the pricing disparities between products aimed at men and women, usually showing a premium on products sold to women

New ‘Gender Tax’ study shows women are charged more for being women

[ 23 December 2015]

ze pronoun a non gender-specific pronoun

Overall, though, Baron calls the gender-neutral pronoun an ‘epic fail’ and reckons that new pronouns such as ‘ze’ may not survive.

[ 07 December 2015]

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