New words – 11 April 2016

climate smartclimate smart adjective helping to prevent climate change

Ahead of UN conference, World Bank says ‘climate-smart’ development can keep 100 million people out of poverty [ 08 November 2015]

Today, the Administration is announcing new efforts to promote climate-smart agricultural practices across the country and is recognizing leaders who are taking action to make our agricultural supply chain more sustainable.[ 26 October 2015]

diesel farm noun a small power station that uses fossil fuel and is built on farmland

The government is facing calls for an urgent investigation into how companies were awarded more than £175m in subsidies to build heavily polluting ‘diesel farms’ to provide the UK with backup energy generating capacity. [ 11 December 2015]

agrihood noun a sustainable housing development centred around a farm

The Cannery, which features 547 new homes spread out across a quartet of distinct neighborhoods, is what’s referred to as an ‘agrihood’ – a down-on-the-farm New Urbanist housing model where the park ‘n’ path-heavy community is centered around agriculture, usually in the form of a working farm. [ 02 October 2015]

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