New words – 04 April 2016

brondebronde adjective describes hair that has been dyed artfully to be both brown and blonde

Celebrities’ best bronde moments [ 13 October 2015]

Wearing a blue Schiaparelli haute couture dress, Swift is barely recognisable with straight ‘bronde’ hair and a fringe. [ 13 October 2015]

cold-shoulder adjective describes a style of clothing for the upper body in which the shoulders are cut away

And if that’s not enough to get you into a woolly frenzy, then meet the solution to roll-neck claustrophobia: the cold-shoulder polo neck.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 30 November 2015]

accidental fur noun fur that is derived from roadkill

This season’s must-have – ‘accidental fur’: Meet the woman who creates muffs, wraps and scarves from roadkill

[ 14 December 2015]

Boston-based Petite Mort Fur owner Pamela Paquin is turning roadkills into ‘accidental fur’ items such as hats, leg warmers, neck muffs, purses and more.

[ 15 December 2015]

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