New words – 28 March 2016

instafamousinstafamous adjective having achieved a measure of fame through posting selfies to social networking service Instagram

I made my baby Instafamous

[ 02 December 2015]



cybersickness noun a feeling of nausea brought about by looking at the screens of electronic devices

Scientists believe they have discovered why mobile phone users can often feel queasy while on their devices after diagnosing ‘cybersickness’.

[ 17 November 2015]

datafication noun the collection, analysis, and use of data from digital sources, such as social media, apps, and search tools, used by individuals

We expose ourselves even further as we buy in to the discourse of ‘datafication’: the idea that amassing large data sets and mining and analyzing them will reveal truths about our society and solutions to problems that we might never have discovered.

[ (higher education news) 29 November 2015]

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  2. Fidier Rescia Alvarado

    Congratulations! It is an excellent piece of work and of course, very useful for students and professors of English language.

  3. Yura

    Why can’t I find the word ‘phubbing’ in online Cambridge dictionary? Is it there at all? This word seems quite popular nowadays.

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