New words – 21 March 2016

goodgamegg abbreviation abbreviation for ‘good game’; used to express approval for someone’s play in a multiplayer computer game

I never say ‘gg’ – like some robot!

[Heard in conversation (young person) 03 November 2015]

machine vision noun a software system that allows sensors to ‘see’ objects

Organizers of an annual academic machine vision competition reported gains in lowering the error rate in software for finding and classifying objects in digital images.

[ 10 December 2015]

A/B testing noun a testing strategy for web pages in which half of potential customers are presented with one page (‘A’) and half the other
(‘B’) and the performance of each page is compared

Working in conjunction with other analytics tools, such as segmentation and targeting, A/B Testing is used to test different variables within distinct groups of players in your game to see the positive or negative impact.

[ 30 November 2015]

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  2. titita

    The definition is misleading: in Dota gg is not exactly a sign of approval – it is a command that’s supposed to end the game (ggwp), something that the losing team utters to surrender. “It’s gg” normally means “the game will end soon, the winner is obvious”. It can be a way to congratulate the winner afterwards or to show your respect to the loser, or can be easily used simply as an inspiring motto, but to congratulate someone you are more likely to say “gratz”.

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