New words – 07 March 2016

origami_elephantelephant deal noun an extremely large business deal, typically worth more than £20 million

At the wealth division, run by Tom Kalaris at the time, bankers working to close the 1.9 billion-pound ‘elephant deal,’ kept details of the transaction in a safe.

[ 27 November 2015]


surge pricing noun the practice of making higher charges for services at times of higher demand

Surge pricing: Since the service is consumed on-demand in real time and built on a flexible supply base, pricing can be adapted accordingly which offers customer as well as supply partners the best deal at any time.

[ 12 November 2015]

Green Monday noun the second Monday of December when many businesses offer online sales in time to ship at lower standard shipping rates or combine free shipping with the sale

Cha-ching! Huge Green Monday deals. Celebrate Green Monday with up to 45 percent off select PCs and electronics.

[ email (US advertisement headline) 14 December 2015]

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