New words – 29 February 2016

uberizeuberize verb (of a business) to change or be changed into an app-based, on-demand service

At Minds&More’s upcoming Marketing & Sales Performance summit, we will address how companies with thousands of employees, millions of physical assets and established business models can ‘uberize’ and evolve to become truly digital enterprises.

[ 12 November 2015]

down round noun when a start-up raises capital that is lower than a previous valuation

It’s become a meme in tech circles, ‘IPOs are the new down round,’ venture capitalists quip.

[ 22 November 2015]

secondary ticketing noun the (currently legal in the UK) practice of buying tickets for concerts etc specifically to sell on at an inflated price.

Mumford & Sons, Elton John Join In Fight Against Secondary Ticketing

[ 16 December 2015]

‘It’s our hope that secondary ticketing companies root this out to stop it happening on their sites, and that they shut it down,’ said the band, who urged fans to submit their views to a government review on secondary ticketing.

[ 16 December 2015]

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