New words – 15 February 2016

japanweeaboo noun informal someone who is obsessed with Japanese culture such as games and anime

I mean, people can play whatever they want to play, but as as long as weeaboos are a profitable demographic we’re going to keep getting more sexualized preteen girls/ fan service games.  [ 04 October 2015]

Otaku vs Weeaboo. Which term should you use if you’re a fan of Japanese cultures and subcultures? [ 14 October 2015]

robata noun a Japanese cooking method in which food is cooked on skewers over hot charcoal

We will also have a huge robata grill, so there will be barbecue elements too. [GQ (UK men’s magazine) November 2015]

character bento noun a style of Japanese food for lunch boxes, in which portions are designed or decorated to look like people or characters from
books, movies, etc

‘When I began making character bento, it was actually a spur of the moment decision, an attempt to combine two things that I love – kawaii culture and cooking.’ [ 26 October 2015]

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  2. Maryam

    Hi,It’ d be highly appreciated if you leave the exact pronounciation of each word.some of new words pronounciations are obscure.I dont know if they are an abbreviation or acronym form.

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