New words – 01 February 2016


awesomesauce noun slang the state of being extremely good or enjoyable or something or someone that is extremely good or enjoyable

Recovering from the awesomesauce of another fab #Vidcon!!

[ 03 August 2015]

Sensei Yu is basically the totally best ever awesomesauce.

[ 18 August 2015]

Here’s a list of some of her famous, awesome-sauce relatable characters throughout her career (and sorry I’m not going to mention her Bring It on Again no matter how much you try to make me …. I just won’t).

[ 10 September 2015]

weak sauce noun slang the state of being inferior or disappointing, or someone or something that is inferior or disappointing

Sorry, Joe Negron, but this latest ploy for Senate Presidency is weak sauce.

[ 26 August 2015]

My lucid dreams are weak sauce. Need help please!

[ 26 August 2015]

nothing burger noun informal something that has no substance or meaning

It’s then that we’ll find out if the putative agreement is, in the words of a senior negotiator, a ‘nothing-burger’.

[ 09 September 2015]

It’s frustrating to show her the statistics that say DCIS is a nothing burger but not be able to make her doubt the advice of her ‘expert’ doctor.

[ 25 August 2015]

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