New words – 11 January 2016


manel noun an exclusively male panel

Some of my male peers in the industry joke about it, calling the consistently male dominated talks or panels ‘manels’ – recognising the distinct lack of female voices. What’s telling is that ‘manels’ are everywhere – in the boardroom, C-Suite and across the tech sector, especially finance.

[ 06.08.15]


noun a former husband

We don’t talk about the ‘wasband’! Woman who advised Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin to use term ‘conscious uncoupling’ coins new phrase to describe ex-husbands

[ 21.09.15]

dude food noun informal food that is said to be favoured by men, often including meat

The tipping point is not the fact that middle-class hipsters with topknots and penny-farthings are pushing out all the grubby, real-deal greasy spoons and swapping them for slick banh-mi joints and dude food (perhaps I’m not bleeding-hearted enough – although it certainly bothers me).

[GQ (UK men’s magazine) Sept 2015]

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