New words – 21 December 2015


bruh noun slang used as a form of address, usually between male friends

I’ve been working out a bit, and I thought it’d help me see the gaaainzz (do you even lift, bruh?).

[ 02 July 2015]



unspo noun informal, humorous ideas and images relating to unhealthy or unsuccessful lives

A snap of congealed macaroni cheese; a post-gym selfie, complete with blotchy face.So far, so unglamorous. Welcome to the world of ‘unspo’ – the growing backlash against online inspiration.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 13 July 2015]

rando noun informal a random person, i.e. someone who is not known, not invited, etc.

This feature also makes it easier than ever to share that group photo you got some rando to take.

[ 27 August 2015]

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