New words – 14 December 2015


haskap (berry) noun a blue honeysuckle berry

A Nova Scotia farm operator says its Haskap berries are the next big thing in superfood, and the company is now looking to sell chunks of its farmland to investors from around the world.

[ 08 July 2015]


intermittent fasting noun eating nothing on some days and as normal on others, especially as an aid to weight loss

Feast for five days, fast for two. Eat whatever you want and lose weight. Stay healthier, live longer. These are the kinds of claims being made for intermittent fasting – and the idea that you can eat with abandon, so long as you restrict food consumption for two or three days a week, is seductive.

[ 14 July 2015]

rice’n’three noun a meal consisting of rice with three types of curry

When we do manage it [meeting for lunch], we love eating at a ‘rice’n’three’ place.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 04 July 20155]

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