New words – 7 December 2015


flyboarding noun the sport of moving many metres up in the air over a stretch of water, while standing on a board. The board (a ‘Flyboard’) is powered by water spurting from a Jet Ski (trademark) down a tube to which it is attached

Hovering about 20 feet in the air propelled by a heavy stream of water, FlyBoarding gives the sensation of flying with a pair of jet boots.

[ 06 July 2015]

HAB noun informal the husband or boyfriend of a famous sportswoman

The Daily Mail has given a rundown of the most Waggish Habs. But ‘Habs’ doesn’t cut it. Some players have wives or girlfriends.

[ 01 July 2015]

flexing noun a style of dancing, originally from Brooklyn, New York, that involves extreme body contortions and disjointed movements

Flexing: the ‘bone-breaking’ dance craze that bubbled up from Brooklyn

[ 06 July 2015]

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