New words – 23 November 2015


climatarian adjective choosing to eat a diet that has minimal impact on the climate, i.e. one that excludes food transported a long way or meat whose production gives rise to CO2 emissions

Climate change is not normally on people’s minds when they choose what to have for lunch, but a new diet is calling for people to go ‘Climatarian’ for their health and for the planet.

[ 16 July 2015]

There are some signs the public is starting to take such advice on board. They include the release of an ‘EatBy’ app that reminds consumers to use up food in the fridge, and a new social network to help people adopt a ‘climatarian’ diet that shuns meat from gassy grazing animals, such as beef and lamb.

[ 11 September 2015]

agtech noun the harnessing of new technologies for agricultural purposes, often specifically to increase food production in a sustainable way

The Next Food Frontier: How AgTech Can Save The World

[ 07 September 2015]

What the agtech boom means for Big Food

[ 30 September 2015]

shade ball noun a plastic ball for putting on the water in order to reduce evaporation and algae levels

Within hours, videos of the shade balls were everywhere. Social media went crazy for the name. The hashtag #shadeballs took off, with one Twitter user writing, ‘If you ever doubted that LA was the home to everything plastic… #shadeballs.’

[ 23 August 2015]

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