New words – 16 November 2015


yuccie noun young urban creative; someone who wants to be creative and free-spirited but also wealthy

Yuccies – cherish ‘craft’ beer and ‘artisanal’ food, like ‘authentic’ holiday destinations – are hipster versions of yuppies: they want personal success and financial gain while keeping their ‘creative autonomy’.

[ 19 July 2015]


open streets plural noun a plan in urban areas in which certain streets are closed to motor vehicles for a period of time to allow residents to use those streets for walking, bicycle riding, skating, etc.

Open-streets initiatives have taken root in Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Portland, Ore., and more that 100 other US cities.

[AARP Bulletin (US magazine) Sept. 2015]

skunk water noun a foul, faecal-smelling liquid that is sprayed on protesters in some parts of the world in order to disperse them

Invented by Israeli firm Odortec, skunk water was first used by the Israeli military against demonstrators in the occupied West Bank in 2008.

[ 12 September 2015]

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