New words – 14 September 2015


micro-condo noun a very small apartment

While the tiny house movement has been well documented, a bigger idea for smaller living space is on the rise: that of the micro-condo or tiny apartment.

[ 21 April 2015]



last-time buyer noun a middle-aged person looking to downsize to a more modestly sized property

The ‘last-time buyers’ stuck with 7.7 million spare rooms: Huge shortage of retirement housing and bungalows leaves over-55s in unsuitable properties

[ 02 June 2015]


nail house noun a house that the owners refused to sell to a developer and that still stands when the area around it is developed

One ‘nail house’ in Wenling, Zhejiang province, had a main road built around it when the owner refused to move

[ 08 June 2015]

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