New words – 10 August 2015

selfie stick

selfie stick noun a stick-like device that allows you to hold the camera away from you when taking a selfie

So your arm’s not long enough to nab the perfect selfie? Have no fear. The ‘Selfie stick’ is here.

[ 15 November 2014]



keepsake password noun a password that embodies a special personal meaning for the person who chose it

But above all, ‘we oppose randomness,’ [Douglas R. Hofstader] said. ‘Keepsake passwords are part of that.’

[New York Times Magazine (US Sunday broadsheet magazine supplement) 23 November 2014]

Keepsake passwords are so universal that they are now part of the fabric of pop culture.

[New York Times Magazine (US Sunday broadsheet magazine supplement) 23 November 2014]

tap-to-pay adjective describes a payment method which involves tapping your phone against a payment device

Combining NFC with the fingerprint-reading Touch ID, it turns your phone into a secure tap-to-pay wallet.

[Stuff (UK innovations magazine) Nov 2014]

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3 thoughts on “New words – 10 August 2015

  1. Selfie sticks are getting a lot of negative press, for all the best reasons. Selfish idiots often cause inconvenience or injury to fellow tourists Most museum have banned them for obvious reasons.

    As a New York City tour guide, I am especially offended by the mindless twits who stage comic selfies at the 9/11 memorial. This is a place where 3,000 people died; where’s the joke? More to the point, where’s the respect for the dead?

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