New words – 6 July 2015


generation pause noun informal young adults who are not able to do things previously typical for their age group such as buy a home or start a family because of lack of money

Meanwhile, a new study released last week revealed a quarter of Brits believe they’ll never own a property, leading them to be dubbed ‘generation pause’ – an entire generation trapped in a kidult lifestyle not being able to afford to do the ‘grown-up’ stuff, like buying property, getting married and having kids.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 13 October 2014]

shift parenting noun an approach to childcare in which the parents take turns to look after the children between work shifts

For a family with two children who need full-time childcare, so-called shift parenting – in which one parent is always at home while the other is at work – saves an average of £11,700 a year.

[ 29 December 2014]

spreadsheet parenting noun the practice of over-scheduling one’s offspring’s life

‘Spreadsheet parenting’ and ‘friend-parents’ are said to be leading children into ill-equipped lives, lacking the tools to decide for themselves what they really want… Do you agree […]

[ 04 December 2014]

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  2. These terms neatly describe the challenges of family relations in the first decades of the 21st century in the industrialized world. Wider economic issues are obviously at play (why do young people find it so hard to find a job?), but these words are useful to people who deal with them on a day-to-day issue.

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