New words – 1 June 2015


ebolaphobia noun irrational fear of the (spread of) the Ebola virus

Ebolaphobia Going Viral

[ 30 October 2014]

Doctors Combat ‘Ebolaphobia’ With Facts as Antidote to Fear

[ 22 October 2014]


bibliotherapist noun a therapist who uses books to facilitate better mental health

Walker is a bibliotherapist working for Kirklees Libraries and Information Services.

[ 17 December 2014]

social prescribing noun in general practice, a more holistic approach to treating a patient with multiple issues in which the doctor puts the patient
in touch with organizations/charities, etc. who will address their problems

So-called ‘social prescribing’, where patients are referred to voluntary bodies or community groups for help, is already used
in the district.

[ 14 October 2014]

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