New words – 25 May 2015


ancestral health noun diet based on the presumed diet of our Palaeolithic ancestors

‘Ancestral health,’ to use a term popular among Paleo followers, has gone mass.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 21 September 2014]

Which is odd, because in many ways my husband has the instincts of a wild boar, and Ancestral Health – the lifestyle extension of the Paleo or ‘Caveman’ diet – is about going way back to a time of elk-jerky-eating, loincloth-wearing Lascaux dwellers.

[ 17 October 2014]

golden rice noun a genetically engineered form of rice with enhanced levels of vitamin A

Golden rice, as it is called, is meant to combat vitamin A deficiency, a huge problem in developing countries in Asia and Africa. Vitamin A deficiencies affect children and pregnant women who suffer everything from blindness to infections to death.

[ 07 October 2014]

hamburger tax noun a tax on unhealthy food

Poll: Do you think there should be a ‘hamburger tax’ on fatty and sugary foods?

[ 02 October 2014]

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