New words – 11 May 2015


mint adjective (informal) nice; cool

Either way, the car looks mint.

[Stuff (UK innovations magazine) Nov 2014]





bae noun (slang) a romantic partner (often used as a form of address)

I have to kill my bae because he is CHEATING ON ME.

[ 13 November 2014]

See ya, bae!

[Heard in conversation (young girl, early teens) 15 December 2014]

neg verb (informal) to insult someone in order to attract theme sexually

I watched JBU this week and nearly choked on my drink when you talked about negging guys to pick them up. Just had to share.

[ 05 November 2014]

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6 thoughts on “New words – 11 May 2015

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  2. people need to use proper english today SLANG!! is not right.
    why don’t we use english like shakespear that is old stuff now we use something in text what has happed to the world today?

  3. Zeena

    I certainly remember using mint to describe something cool as a child. It did not necessarily mean ‘impeccable condition’.
    Example; ‘Have you heard the new Wham single? It’s mint!’
    ‘Your roller skates are mint’
    I’m glad its making a comeback!

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