New words – 27 April 2015


e-juice noun the liquid content in an e-cigarette, which includes nicotine and may be flavoured in various ways

Contestants…suck on a modified vaper until they’ve filled their chest cavity with enough vaporised nicotine “e-juice” to shoot out a belch of white smoke upwards of 4ft long.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 22 April 2015]


cartomizer noun a disposable cartridge with an atomizer inside, used in e-cigarettes

Cartomizer tanks are like other ecigarette and vaping products in the way that they differ in prices.

[ 28 October 2014]

analog cigarette noun a tobacco cigarette (used to distinguish it from an e-cigarette)

Does even the smell of an analog cigarette make you want to puke nowadays?

[ 11 December 2014]

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    I fully appreciate all those explanations concerning meanings of particular words. Thank you very much for it.

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