New words – 20 April 2015


dumbwalking noun walking slowly, without paying attention to the world around you because you are consulting a smartphone

He told me dumbwalking probably wouldn’t be a long-term problem.

[ 14 July 2014]



tech creche noun a safe where visitors to a place can deposit their mobile phones before exploring that place

The short film sees a young David Attenborough (voiced by impressionist Phil Cornwell) encourage viewers to leave the car at home and store their devices in the Tech Creche, leaving them free to enjoy the region’s majestic woodlands and coastline without digital distractions.

[ 25 July 2014]

vamping noun the activity of remaining awake late into the night, usually while chatting on social networks

‘Social media is about having agency over your own life and vamping is one way to recapture that,’ said Alice Marwick, an assistant professor at Fordham University who studies the Internet and society.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 06 July 2014]

Maybe teenage behavior hasn’t changed, whether it has a new name like vamping or not.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 06 July 2014]

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