New words – 13 April 2015


bio-inspiration noun the adoption of patterns and structures found in nature for the purposes of engineering, manufacturing, science, etc.

The MIT researchers actually aren’t the only robotics team to turn to cheetahs for bio-inspiration.

[ 16 September 2014]


drought shaming noun the public shaming, often through social media, of people or companies guilty of wasting water

All across the state, people are doing their best to conserve water. But, the fight to save water has also given rise to a new phenomenon known as ‘drought shaming.’

[ 30 July 2014]

plastisphere noun the discarded plastic that is now a part of our seas, rivers and lakes and, for better or worse, is developing its own ecosystem

Scientists have even coined a new term to describe it: the ‘plastisphere’ is here. In some oceanic areas the plastic is so thick that organisms have begun evolving there, as if it were a new, toxic, ecosystem. Sadly, our precious Great Lakes may not be far behind.

[ 02 August 2014]

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