New words – 30 March 2015


stackin’ p idiom slang earning a lot of money

‘That’s a very generous present.”Yeah, well, she’s stackin’ p, innit?’

[Heard in (teenage) conversation 01 July 2014]




Endies plural noun acronym: Employed with No Disposable Income or Savings

‘The Endies live quiet, modest lives largely hidden from view,’ the report says, making one wonder if EM Forster is truly dead or just enjoying a new life as a copywriter.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 20 September 2014]

poor door noun an alternative ‘poor’ entrance to a block of apartments for the people living in the affordable, low-rent part of the building

Multimillion pound housing developments are using ‘poor doors’, separate entrances to segregate the low-income tenants from wealthy home buyers, it has emerged.

[ 26 July 2014]

vishingnounvoice phishing; the practice of dishonestly obtaining details of bank accounts, etc. with the intention of stealing from them

The financial services’ anti-fraud body said cold calling scams typically involve fraudsters deceiving victims into believing they are speaking to a police officer, a member of bank staff, or a representative of another trusted organisation, such as a computer company. This type of scam is also known as vishing.

[ 02 December 2014]

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