New words – 2 March 2015


snapchat verb to send someone a message using the photomessaging application Snapchat

We used to have a thing until he got a girlfriend. now [sic] that he’s back home in England, he snapchatted me and he said ‘are you ever coming to England?’

11 July 2014]


But if its true that I am friendzoning myself do I just ignore her and stop texting and snapchatting her altogether?

[ 17 July 2014]

backie noun informal a selfie that someone takes of their back

The backie. It’s the new selfie; Col. views it as marginally less narcissistic, and therefore an improvement on the orig.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 04 August 2014]

vining noun the practice of posting video loops on the short-form video sharing service Vine

Anyway, they’re trying to crack down on Vining.

[Heard in conversation (man, mid-forties) 02 July 2014]

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  2. Elena Lysko

    Perhaps, I missed the informal meaning of the expression ‘friendzoning myself’ from the written above sentence [ 17 July 2014]. Is it when you purposefully limit the circle of your friends trying to keep only the best of them around you? Any clues? Helen from the Russian zone

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  4. people need to get a life and talk to people not just photes. ya i understand if you live far away but come on people wake up the world is not the same !!!

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