New words – 9 February 2015


swoll adjective slang having large muscles as a result of working out

Get Swoll, Brah! A fitness blog dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, gymspiration and support to get the body you’re working for.

[ 20 August 2014]

Soon we will see all of our favorite players returning to their team’s respective training camps showing how ‘swoll’ they got from their offseason workouts.

[ 02 October 2014]

pit bush noun informal a deliberate cultivation of hair in the female armpit

Now the regrowth is spreading north, with ‘pit bush’ officially becoming A Thing.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 18 August 2014]

power paunch noun informal a large stomach on a man worn proudly as a badge of his status

But then, there’s that ‘power paunch’ theory, which posits that some men are so damned magnificent, they can afford to let their bellies expand.

[Gracia (UK celebrity magazine) 04 August 2014]

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  2. Marco Ferrell

    I have found the word tonto:

    I had only popped in to buy some dog food for the spaniel and now the spaniel was hiding behind me as a fellow customer shouted abuse. The lady who owned the pet shop was trying to appease the shouting man, who had his own dog with him, a scrappy little terrier who looked as terrified as the rest of us as his owner went tonto.

    The Spectator, Febr. 07, 2015

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