New words – 29 December 2014


fit-shaming noun informal the online trolling of people who post pictures of themselves exercising

Unfortunately, not everyone is as happy for me… and instead I find myself facing a daily barage of fit-shaming.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 20 May 2014]



skinny-bash verb informal to criticize someone for being slim

Kate Wills knows the feeling and last month wrote a powerful yet humorous piece on why it’s not OK to skinny-bash people like her, either.

[ 12 April 2014]

Loub job noun informal a procedure on the foot, usually one which modifies the foot so that a person can wear high heels with a greater degree of comfort

According to Look magazine, Kardashian reportedly spent around $6,000 on a ‘Loub job,’ in order to easily wear her high heeled shoes.

[www.ibtimes 27 May 2014]

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