New words – 18 August 2014


fly grazing noun the practice of leaving animals to graze on private land without first obtaining permission

New law to tackle fly grazing problem in Wales granted

[ 28 January 2014]






canned hunting noun the hunting of animals which have been bred to be hunted. The animals are kept within a confined space and cannot escape.

‘Canned hunting’ of white lions is despicable – and it must stop
South Africa’s president must put an end to this cold-blooded slaughter, says Ripper Street star Jerome Flynn

[ 11 March 2014]

lulz-farming noun gathering humorous content to put on a website

Now there are employees of large corporations paid to manage the social accounts of their companies, using official feeds to act like crazy students, having their antics reported on lulz-farming websites, reposted and retweeted by thousands of personal accounts.

[Computer Shopper (UK computer magazine) March 2014]

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  2. David I

    What a shockingly useless website!!! I was using it to check my spelling of ‘sommelier’ and was flabbergasted to be told by your less than useful website that there was no such entry and that I should check my spelling. The nerve!!! I shan’t be using your site again and may I close by adding, this is not the first disappointing omission. To create a list would be pointless. Why should I help, when your site is so lamentably lacking. So I shall say good bye rather, than au revoir!

    1. We’re sorry that you did not find the words that you were looking for. Our dictionaries are aimed primarily at learners of English rather than native speakers and so we do not generally cover high-level or specialised vocabulary. That said, I think ‘sommelier’ is an omission and we will look to include this in a future update – we are always adding to the dictionaries. If you wanted to provide a list of any other words that you could not find in our dictionaries, that would be greatly appreciated.

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