New words – 11 August 2014


whip noun slang a car

I don’t know about you guys, but my whip is basically the Millennium Falcon aka hella old and beat up, but it gets the job done.

[ 24 February 2014]

ULEV abbreviation an ultra-low emission vehicle (one that emits less than 75g of CO2 per kilometre)

Learn more about ULEVs [The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 15.03.14]

In January, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg led the formal unveiling of Go Ultra Low, a £2.5m campaign encouraging UK motorists to adopt Ultra Low Emission Vehicles – or ULEVs, for short.

[ 19 February 2014]

range-extended adjective describes a vehicle that combines an electric motor with a petrol engine that keeps the battery charged

Today, I regularly hear plug-in fans moan, complain and generally be mean about people who make the choice to go with a range-extended EV like the Vauxhall Ampera or a plug-in hybrid like the Toyota Prius Plug-in over electric-only cars like the Nissan LEAF and Renault Zoe

[ 17 January 2014]

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