New words – 4 August 2013


dadding noun carrying out the duties of a father

He makes sure to drop his presence on the school run into conversation; he lets it be known that he is hip to the new rules of conscientious dadding.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 22 March 2014]



sigother noun significant other; a person’s romantic partner or spouse

So the sigother orders from this Mediterranean spot down the street. He’s gorging himself on a lasagna and decadent looking pita bread next to me.

[ 21 January 2013]

maternity tourist noun a pregnant woman who travels to another country specifically in order to take advantage of their maternity services

Airline should take more responsibility for maternity tourists

[ (headline) 05 January 2014]

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2 thoughts on “New words – 4 August 2013

  1. “Significant Other” is becoming more and more outdated as many different countries accept marriage equality and equivalent expressions like “partner.”

    “Maternity tourists” are a subset of “medical tourists,” many of them wealthy Americans seeking alternatives in Asia and Latin America to very expensive treatments in the US.

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