New words – 14 July 2014


tech neck noun informal wrinkles in the neck area caused by looking down at phones, tablets, etc.

Word of the week: tech neck. [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 03 March 2014]

Experts in non-surgical facelifts say tilting your head down to use phones, iPads and computers can leave wrinkles on your throat and neck, a condition being called ‘tech neck.’

[ 27 February 2014]

buffalo hump noun a fatty build-up at the back of the neck, usually caused by weight gain, but exacerbated by poor posture

A spokesperson for, who carried out the research, said: ‘Buffalo humps can be an unusual side effect of certain medications, but more often they appear over time, through obesity. Poor posture doesn’t help either, making it more noticeable.

[ 08 January 2014]

sitting disease noun health problems caused by too much sitting

Sitting too much, sometimes called sitting disease, may increase the risk of disability in people over age 60, a new study suggests.

[ 19 February 2014]

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  2. Michal Tichy

    I like the term tech neck but I feel more appropriate to use it when reffering to stiffed neck and alike conditions related to the electronic gadgets overuse. Wrinkles simply are not the only harm which long staring at the screens inflicts to our necks.

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