New words – 16 June 2014


NekNominate noun an internet craze in which someone films themselves ‘necking’ a large quantity of alcohol in a dangerous setting and posts it online. At the end of the video they nominate a friend to perform their own ‘necking’ stunt.

The aim of the game, dubbed Neknomination, is to complete a drinking dare and then nominate someone to do the same by posting a video of it on the internet.

[ 03 February 2014]

Hundreds of people are now dying each year because of accidental alcohol poisoning and experts have warned that the lethal internet drinking craze NekNominate will make it worse

[ 19 February 2014]

About new words

DM verb informal to send someone a direct message via Twitter

He DMs him all the time.

[Radio 1 27 February 2014]

friendvertising noun the use of social media website ‘friends’ to disseminate video adverts for products. Some videos have an apparently good message that people want to share and others are heart-warming or funny, but all are covert brand endorsements.

Is your friend an unpaid branding enthusiast? ‘Friendvertising’ is the latest trick by marketers who want you to sell their brand

[ 13 January 2013]

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  2. “NekNominate” strikes me as a self-limiting fad,as your citation demonstrates..

    “Friendvertising” describes one of the most annoying of recent phenomena on the internet. Make a purchase on line, and a week or so later, you get an e-mail from the vendor urging you to tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, et al, how wonderful the product is. See a show or attend a concert and the NEXT DAY you get a pitch to praise the work on social media. Enough already! I refuse to become an unpaid flack for every product or service sold on line.

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