New words – 21 April 2014


eyebomb verb to stick small, googly eyes on inanimate objects, thereby turning them into an amusing approximation of a face

Try This Halloween Decorating Idea: Eyebomb with Googly Eyes

[ 11 October 2013]


gelfie noun informal a selfie photograph taken at the gym

While us mere mortals wouldn’t dream of sharing a picture of ourself looking red-faced and sweaty pumping iron, it seems the gelfie is a popular picture choice among stars keen to flaunt their athletic abilities.

[ 07 November 2013]

yogi noun a photograph of themselves taken by someone doing yoga, often for the purposes of posting on a social networking website

[…] the Oxford English Dictionary people announced that ‘selfie’ was to be the official word of the year. Little did they know that all the coolest, on-trend people had already moved on to ‘yogis’ (yoga + selfie) and ‘belfies’ (bum + selfie).

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 07 December 2013]

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