New words – 17 March 2014


anti-vaxxer noun a derogatory word for a person who refuses to have their child vaccinated for a particular disease

Why would the FDA appoint a known anti-vaxxer to their committee?

[ 17 November 2013]

digital autopsy noun a non-invasive autopsy which involves 3-D scanning, rather than the cutting open of the corpse

The UK’s first dedicated digital autopsy centre opens in Sheffield on Wednesday, heralding a potential revolution in the way postmortems are conducted.

[ 27 November 2013]

electroceutical noun electrical stimulation used to provide pain relief

They see a chest of medical devices: ‘smart stents’ that report on how well an artery is healing; a pump that titrates medicine into hard-to-reach tissue; ‘electoceuticals’ that fight pain with electrical pulses rather than drugs.

[Smithsonian (US culture and science magazine) Dec. 2013]

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