New words – 10 March 2014

soldier_dogEDC abbreviation explosive detection canine: a dog trained to sniff out explosives

This is where MSA security trains what are known in the security trade as explosive detection canines, or EDCs.

[Smithsonian (US science and society magazine) Aug. 2013]

GPU abbreviation graphics processing unit; a processor used primarily for 3D functions

Here they let you know whether your smartphone use requires a quad-core processor, whether to value CPU over GPU and how to get the perfect balance between a thin handset and a long lasting battery.

[ 09 August 2013]

HDR abbreviation High Dynamic Range: a software system for photography that generates a single image incorporating the best light and focus from several consecutive photos of the same scene

But there have been barriers to using HDR. The primary issue is that moving subjects change position from shot to shot in a series.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 08 August 2013]

ICYMI abbreviation in case you missed it (internet/text etc., abbreviation)

ICYMI: Here’s an amazing video of a man named Jason Mortensen coming to after having surgery and realizing that he’s married to a beautiful woman.

[ 11 September 2013]

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