New words – 3 March 2014

LAT abbreviation living apart together: the situation of two people in a relationship living in different homes

The LAT lifestyle is healthy, according to all the studies. OK, one study.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 21 July 2013]

LDR abbreviation long distance relationship

I am 20 and I’ve been in LDR’s for about the past 2 years (2 guys). My current boyfriend is wonderful and we get along great.

[ 02 August 2013]

NGL abbreviation not gonna lie (internet abbreviation)

NGL, I’ve been on “vacation” for 4 months but really it’s only been August that has felt like a well spent month of vacation.

[posted on US blogger’s website 3 September 2013]

TL;DR abbreviation too long, didn’t read; abbreviation used in texts, posts, etc.

I just wrote 1500 words for a post on Living in Ireland. God even I was bored at the end of it! The TL/DR version: MBH and myself are having a lovely fight about whether we talk about moving from Ireland or not.

[ 18 August 2013]

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  1. Why am I not surprised that “TL” came from an Irish writer? Samuel Beckett, the Nobel Prize-winning Irish playwright/novelist/poet, once wrote “I must say words as long as there are any.” I would advise the Irish to continue writing, given their rich literary history, but urge all posters to use discretion and edit wisely.

    “TL is a weak excuse for poor judgement..

  2. Emmanuel Towett

    The word LAT took me by suprise,in my vernaculer of my tribe Kalenjin-the world marathon runners mean to castrate -KE LAT.

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