New words – 24 February 2014

smartwatch noun a watch that can be used as a computer or phone, with a small keyboard

And Lee Young Hee, the company’s executive vice president, confirmed earlier this year that Samsung would be developing a smartwatch.

[ 09 August 2013]

Gameboy back noun a spinal problem in children caused by overuse of gaming consoles

Rise of the ‘Gameboy Back’: Children are developing curvature of the spine because they hunch over consoles and smartphones

[ (title) 12 August 2012]

midcore adjective describes video games that are midway on the cline between hardcore and casual

While iOS games started out as either simple physics or casual simulation titles when the platform launched about five years ago, the bar has gotten steadily higher and more hard-core. Midcore studios like Kabam started to rise in prominence.

[ 25 July 2013]

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  1. Readers of a certain age will remember the detective Dick Tracey and his “2-way wrist radio,” a watch that was also a phone. Clearly technology has overtaken the comic-book dreams of old.

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