New words – 15 July 2013

cat cafe noun a cafe in which there are cats that the customers can pet as they enjoy their coffee, etc.

Popular in Japan, cat cafes are a haven for lovers of all things feline, where customers can stroke, pet and coo over the animals

[ 12 January 2013]

emoji noun an icon used in electronic messages and webpages, originally in Japan but now available more widely

Emoji icons are a lot of fun and special characters can be extremely useful, but the standard way of opening the character viewer panel isn’t the smoothest in the world.

[ 9 January 2013]

Rejected, dejected and with post-virginity statement hair. Talks in ritalin emoji-speak.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 14 January 2013]

pawdicure abbreviation a pedicure for a dog

Our DELUXE Pawdicure includes the above mentioned filing but also includes one of 2 options – a soothing Aloe based foot cream to make your pet’s paw pads feel great or nail painting the color of your choice!

[ 16 January 2013]

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  1. For what it’s worth, most US jurisdictions prohibit animals in food-service establishments. Cats are usually allowed in food stores selling canned, frozen, and otherwise sealed products, but the rules vary literally from town to town.

  2. wilbert cacafranca

    THE new word i invented is NAPOLIFIC- one who practice and scam, dishonest, getting rich in no time, and so ambitious w/ the expense of the peoples tax money is NAPOLIFIC– -if you embrace and practice it —your into NAPOLISM. If you agree, be on her side and sympathize ur NAPOLITIC.

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