New words – 8 July 2013

bedroom tax noun a reduction in the amount of housing benefit given to people who have a spare bedroom in their property

A mum of two from Peterborough is bracing herself to become one of the first victims of the Government’s so-called ‘bedroom tax’.

[ 6 March 2013]

full nest syndrome noun the stress suffered by middle-aged people who share their homes with grown-up children who cannot afford to move out and infirm, aged parents who they care for

‘Full nest syndrome’ stress for parents because more couples are living with three generations under one roof

[ 28 January 2013]

spare room subsidy noun another phrase for ‘bedroom tax’

It wasn’t one of the Labour leader’s better performances. By contrast, David Cameron’s response was robust. It’s not a tax, the PM insisted, offering his own label for the issue: ‘the Spare Room Subsidy’.

[ 25 January 2013]

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