News words – 6 May 2013

natural media noun green ads and logos created in dirt and dust

As an eco advertising consultancy and provider of alternative natural media solutions, our innovative approach is designed to enable you to promote your brands and products and highlight your CSR initiatives in an environmentally responsible way.

[ 06 Nov 2012]

self-tracking noun the practice of using a Smartphone to monitor and record one’s health and wellbeing

They called it ‘self-tracking’ and in 2007 founded a blog named the Quantified Self.

[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 25 Nov 2012]

trackback noun a method of informing someone if someone has linked to their website

By sending a trackback, you are creating a backlink to your blog, which takes a very small amount of time to do when considering the benefits of it.

[ 16 Nov 2012]

word-of-post adjective spread via posts on the internet

We’ve known for years that word-of-mouth marketing has been partially co-opted by word-of-post, but the power of that lesson continues to impress when words like Grey (as in Fifty Shades) cease to instantly invoke Goose, sky or sweaters.

[ 15 Oct 2012]

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