New words – 29 April 2013

milking noun the pouring of milk over one’s head in a public place

Is milking the most pointless internet craze yet? Students filmed pouring four-pint cartons over their heads

[ 29 Nov 2012]

Among the creme de la creme of British youth, an udderly bizarre trend has emerged: milking.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 27 Nov 2012]

owling noun the practice of posting pictures of oneself crouching in unlikely places: an Internet craze

Somewhere in this mix came owling – for people more comfortable with squatting than lying.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 27 Nov 2012]

Predditor noun a person who exposes the identity of people who post ‘creepshots’ of women on the website ‘Reddit’

Predditors — a play on ‘Redditors,’ a nickname for users of the site — post personal information about CreepShots submitters, including photos, Facebook pages, marital status, location and occupation, and any other identifying details found by sleuthing on the Internet.

[ 11 Oct 2012]

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  1. These crazes are so obscure that I have never heard of them. The fact is that “milking” has a long-established meaning — above and beyond the literal “drawing milk from a female mammal” — referring to the tendency of some actors or other performers to solicit exaggerated responses from their audiences. So do we really need a new meaning?

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