New words – 29 October 2012

generation rent noun young people in the UK and the US, most of whom cannot now afford to buy their own homes and consequently rent them

The current clutch of young adults have been nicknamed “generation rent” after a series of studies suggested that Britain is changing from a nation of home owners into a continental-style society where renting is the norm.

[ 27 June 2012]

passive parenting noun a style of parenting in which the parent shows unwillingness to impose rules and discipline

Viewpoint: Childhood obesity and passive parenting

[ 6 June 2012]

quarterlife crisis noun the feeling that some people in their early twenties suffer of being unsettled and unfulfilled

The concept of a quarter-life crisis isn’t new. John Mayer was caterwauling about this ‘stirring of the soul’ on a CD (that no one ever bothered to change) at my very first office job

[ 3 June 2012]

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