New words – 22 October 2012

Big Data noun the immense amount of data now available, especially data about the preferences and interests of the public, as a result of social media use

If 2008 was about the advent of social media in politics, 2012 is about big data. It’s about how to extract the value of social media as it impacts the relationship between candidates, the way they try to raise money, the way they try to deliver message, and the way voters react to those messages and actually participate in the democratic process.

[WNYC: The Takeaway 6 June 2012]

Big Data probably knows more about us then we ourselves do, but is there stuff that Big Data itself doesn’t know it knows?

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 5 June 2012]

data journalism noun the creation of news content on the basis of data rather than events

Two years on and data journalism is part of the fabric of what we, and many other news organisations do. What is it?

[ 23 May 2012]

mem noun an image or piece of text that helps you to remember something

We use ‘mems’ to help you form vivid, sensory memories.

[ 12 May 2012]

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  1. sobreira

    About “mem”, I thought that was the meaning of “tip (clue, hint)”, thus something between “tip” and “memo”. Given this synonims, I wouldn’t expect a long life to the word, but who knows? Anyway, it reminds me of “meme”.

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