New words – 17 September 2012

activist investor noun someone who buys shares in a company in order to use the influence that gives them to campaign on an issue

The board of Yahoo is discussing the future of Scott Thompson, its chief executive, after an activist investor at the technology giant accused him of lying on his CV.

[The Independent (UK broadsheet) 10 May 2012]

cash mob noun a group of people who descend on a retail business and spend money as a gesture of support for that business

Cash mob rules are simple: Spend at least $20, meet three new people and have fun.

[ 29 June 2012]

crowdfunded adjective funded by asking many people to contribute, usually in an online campaign

DailyMotion teams up with Flattr for crowdfunded video

[ 02 May 2012]

shareholder spring noun rebellion by shareholders in the UK against a company’s directors, particularly in relation to director pay

Strikingly, though, a deeper analysis of this so-called ‘shareholder spring’ of investor uprisings shows it may not really exist. There have been just four defeats so far of companies in votes on their so-called ‘remuneration reports’, and only one of these companies has been in the FTSE100 list of biggest businesses.

[ 12 June 2012]

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