New words – 10 September 2012

applepick verb to steal someone’s iPhone

Somebody walked down the aisle and plucked my iPhone right out of my hand […] The people at the store were very sympathetic
[…] But they were like, ‘Oh yeah you got applepicked. Yeah, happens a lot.’

[WNYC: All things Considered (current affairs radio show) 10 April 2012]

iWAG noun humorous the wife or girlfriend of a successful internet entrepreneur

One of the newest recruits to the dubiously named iWAG crew is Kaitlyn Trigger, girlfriend of Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 14 May 2012]

murder-cam noun a device which takes a 3-D image of a crime scene

Detectives in Cambridgeshire have a new weapon to catch killers because of a high-tech £146,000 ‘murder-cam’.
The scanner can take a 3D image of a crime scene in just 10 minutes, saving hours of crucial time after a murder has taken place.

[Cambridge News (local newspaper) 28 May 2012]

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