New words – 27 August 2012

CRASBO abbreviation a criminal anti-social behaviour order; an order made on the back of a criminal conviction

Following that conviction, neighbourhood officers applied for a CRASBO – Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order – which was granted on Wednesday.

[ 20 Jan 2012]

eurogeddon noun total economic meltdown in Europe

Access report warns of ‘Eurogeddon’

[ 23 Jan 2012]

geophony noun the combined sounds of the natural world – wind, waves, etc.

[…] As opposed to a geophony, which would be the wind and the waves and things like that.

[WNYC: Soundcheck (music) 12 March 2012]

glitterbomb verb to throw glitter on someone (as a protest against homophobic views)

In a message to the micro-blogging service Twitter, a person using the name Nick Espinosa said: ‘I just glitterbombed Mitt Romney and yelled ‘feel the rainbow, the 1 percent pays for hate, you’re not welcome in our state!’’

[ 1 Feb 2012]

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  1. Harry

    “Eurogeddon” sounds like an effort to match the “Fiscal Cliff” that US media love to describe. In hopes of forcing a compromise on fiscal policy, the US Congress passed a series of laws that will cause dramatic cuts in vital services and a steep increase in tax rates at the end of 2012. Compromise has yet to appear.

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