New words – 20 August 2012

human safari noun a trip in which tourists can glimpse indigenous peoples

India has ordered the arrest of a tour operator for running a ‘human safari’ after a video emerged showing police making half-naked women from a tiny island tribe dance in return for food.

[ 12 Jan 2012]

phablet noun a hybrid device that is halfway between a smartphone and a tablet computer

Hankil Yoon, a product strategy executive at Samsung, is showing off the new Galaxy Note, an over-sized smartphone with a 5.3 inch display that’s part of a new class of phones being dubbed “phablets.”

[ 28 Feb 2012]

pin verb to put an image or video on a virtual moodboard on the website Pinterest

It allows people to create online displays of their likes and dislikes – from home decor to nail art – by ‘pinning’ images and videos on to virtual boards.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 25 Feb 2012]

reem adjective very informal excellent or attractive

The king of all things reem will be showing fans The Only Way Is Scunthorpe when he is a special guest at Henry’s nightclub student night.

[ (UK local newspaper) 1 March 2012]

Listening to: Never Shout Never!<3<3 {he is totes reem, aka TOTALLY AWESOME. just saying}.

[ 17 Feb 2012]

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